CC LAB at the service of its customers… announces the birth of the project BE-ON LAB 2023


CC LAB is a consultancy firm that serves businesses and individuals, building a professional path with them, aimed at satisfying the widest needs in the fields of marketing, communication, business digitalisation, public relations and event organisation.  It puts the needs of its customers first, providing consultancy and services, as a result of experience acquired over many years and constant study carried out by expert consultants in their research LAB (laboratory).

Today more than ever, using the current digital platforms on the market, CC LAB is able to work closely with and support its customers in their internal growth paths, creating innovative, bespoke projects for them, as well as communication and digital marketing tools, improving the internal processes of the company and increasing the brand positioning in its reference market.

An example of what has been described, is the birth of BE-ON LAB. It was launched on 2nd July, through a digital convention that saw the participation of approximately 90 people, connected remotely, in a study and research laboratory. Over the course of about 4 hours, the two companies, CC LAB and BE-ON, collaborated, alternating moments of institutional communication with interactive sessions, aimed at giving life to the internal laboratory of BE-ON, for which CC LAB has created a new project, BE-ON LAB 2023.

Over the next two years, with the support of CC LAB, BE-ON will acquire new knowledge and skills, not only in the field of its core business, but also in the organisation and management of internal processes, relating to both human resources and internal/external communication.