Formula 1: Imola is here until at least 2025

Gran Premio Imola

The FIA ​​has confirmed the rumours which have been circulating for some time: two of the 23 GPs scheduled for 2022, will be in Italy, the only country to score a double with two dates: April 24 in Imola and September 11 in Monza.

The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region stated that “On April 24, 2022 we will have a splendid Grand Prix of Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna, which brings the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack back onto the scene as it richly deserves, thrilling so many fans in Italy and all over the world”. Made in Italy and Italian Sporting Excellence, is a business model that CC LAB has been pursuing for some time through the “Faster with Sport” concept and in these days of Italian celebration, is proving incredibly popular. In addition to the Romagna president, the Italian Foreign Minister also praised the Italian goal by calling it “the GP of Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna, which will be on the official Formula 1 programme next season.”

2021 continues to confirm itself as the year of Italian excellence in the sports, artistic and scientific fields. In addition to celebrating the Italian success, we are incredibly proud of the recognition of the “Faster with Sport” approach, which finds opportunities in sporting events for the promotion of Made in Italy and the constant search for Italian export excellence.

Why is Sport a driving force for new business models? According to CC LAB, Sport arouses strong emotions, unifies people, is a focus of media interest and world entertainment and attracts an extremely diverse audience made up of every age group and gender, both professionals and amateurs.